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Fisio Consultores is an emerging health tech start up in Zaragoza, Spain. 


Founded by physiotherapist expert, Dr. Pablo Herrero in 2013, Fisio Consultores has quickly become a leading company in delivering impactful products and services to the health care/physiotherapist sector.

We're a growing start up made up of a team with 20+ years of experience and expertise in product development, engineering and marketing. 


Dr.. Pablo Herrero

Founder & CEO 

Pablo is the Founder & CEO of Fisio Consultores SL.


He has a long entrepreneurial trajectory as a physiotherapist and he is an expert in the area of pain, with extensive academic experience (PhD) and patents related to products and  treatments in this field.

Pablo has provided training and consulting services to Universities, Companies and Public Instuitions world wide. 



Arvi Kang

Director, Sales and Marketing

Arvi manages all business and marketing efforts of Fisio Consultores including setting strategic goals and objectives across all product lines.

He has over 15+ years working in technology companies with expertise in building early stage start ups.


Raquel Hijazo

Executive Assistant

Raquel oversees and manages all aspects related to the operations of the business including finance, logistics and customer service. 

She has 10+ years working in the physiotherapy sector with physiotherapists and Clinics


Javier Linares

Marketing Assistant 

Javier is responsible for the management of digital marketing and social media to drive product awareness and branding of all company product lines. 

He has a specific background and training in this area of digital marketing.